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We are committed to youth development to be comparable with international.

Thailand Study Travel is governed by Success Inter Edtrain Co., Ltd. and has been providing a service business to both domestic and international schools at international standards. With more than 50 institutions, we offer a wide range of projects, such as foreign language project taught by a native speaker, tutoring Program, field trip program, study abroad, science and technology camp, English camp, etc. We’ve gained the trust of students, parents, educational institutions from around the world and various organization of the leading educational institutions from all over the world for more than 13 years.

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Beautiful and serene location: Choosing a campsite with beautiful natural surroundings such as the sea, mountains, or forest will allow you to relax and enjoy your camping.


Educational institutions are important in building the capacity of personnel with knowledge and skills appropriate to the needs of the industry. By preparing students and students both in theory and practice. Including providing practical training in real places such as internships, working practices in establishments, etc., that help strengthen skills and expertise in various fields of work.


Scholarships are an important aspect of the provision we offer at Harrow Bangkok. Our scholarships generally have a monetary reward, usually a reduction of school fees, but the primary aim of a scholarship is to recognise a student’s exceptional achievements. The awards we offer reflect our commitment to the diversity and range of talents that are fostered within the student body.

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Youth development to international. Thailand Study Travel will a part of developing in the child by knowledge, skills, morality and ethical to be equivalent to international. We will support child with activities in Thailand. We’ll provide a center of education, culture, tourism and nature conservation to attractive foreigners with the good attitude toward Thai people and Thailand.
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More than a decade ago, on the day of Thailand’s educational development policy, there was competition for private companies to offer various products and services to the school. That was the beginning of the idea to develop a national youth education and experience has come from working in education in a company. It brings to their business. Success Inter Edtrain Co., Ltd. was officially established on December 17, 2010 and registered legally with the main objective of providing services to both domestic and international institutions. Since that day until today, the company has provided services to no less than 50 schools for lectures and activities such as foreign language learning program taught by native speaker, tutoring program of college entrance exams, field trips, study abroad trips, science and technology summer camp and English camp. In the past several years, the company has provided many diverse projects under the name Success Inter Edtrain Co., Ltd., but this year, the company sees a great opportunity to open the department to carry out the work, especially in education and has a team devoted to working standard to respond to the policy of government’s tourism in Thailand. That is the origin of Thailand Study Travel.

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